How To Hear God

Four Simple Ways To Hear God's Voice

Guaranteed to become one of your favorite short reads, How To Hear God: 4 Simple Ways To Hear God's Voice the E-book provides in-depth, practical and insightful tips on hearing the voice of God in 4 simple ways. After reading, you'll have clarity on what the voice of God 'sounds' like, be open to the many different ways God speaks, 
and know how to pray and recognize God's answers to your prayers. Includes Bonus Chapter: How To Build Intimacy With God. 


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Order Four Simple Ways To Hear God's Voice If:
You can't figure out when God is speaking to you.  
You would like to recognize when your prayers are being answered. 
You have trouble developing and maintaining a prayer life. 
Need clarity on what the voice of God sounds like. 
You wish to learn how to connect more intimately with God. 


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